Oh no? Oh yes, Ona!

Currently, as close as I’ve come to murse perfection.  These babies rock.

Built for cameras; used for everything.

Glass and gear.  Mac and man-stuff.  Cash and carry.

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Simple design.  Extraordinary materials.  Outrageous construction.


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Finding a murse with the capacity for an iPad is a frustrating exercise.  Bags good for all else devolve into uselessness when you try to stow a device and attendant accoutrements.

Enter Herschel with a purpose-built bag.  But it reverses the problem, in that it is great for an iPad and a couple accessories, but for little else.

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Dimensionally strange, in that it is iPad-sized in width and height, but slim as hell in depth.  Gets snug quickly.

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But for what it is, it is, and for what it does, it does well.

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I find I use it not only as a murse, but as caddy at home, and as a sub-bag carried in other larger bags.

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Sometimes you need to go big.

A backpack isn’t a murse.  But to haul glass into the field for an extended photo safari, a typical bag ain’t gonna do.  Sometimes you want to carry every lens.  Sometimes you need to go large.

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M-Rock rocks when it comes to carrying photo gear in the out of doors.  And for this monster, the M is for Mega.

Mega-padded.  Mega-water-resistant.  Mega pocketage.  Mega-compartmentalized.

It opens to reveal two wells of padded bliss.  One sub-divided for a forest of lenses.  The other opens to reveal another bag, sort of like a marsupial carrying its kin.

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And mega-cool.


A Shoot and a Miss

Sometimes one is lulled by a promise to remain unkept.  This Tenba for instance.  It promised to be a camera bag without saying “camera bag.”  It promised a sort of briefcase experience.

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Features abound.  Like the zipper that let’s you quickly snag your camera from the main compartment without having to unhitch the clasps and lift the flap.  Extreme pocketousness.  Appropriate padding.

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But for whatever reason, its promise remains unrequited.  Strangely lumpy; weirdly bulking; simply wrong.